The Blue Ridge Brew Off
2013 Homebrew Competition

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Blue Ridge Brew Off
Homebrew Competition
Host Club:  MALT - Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters - Asheville, North Carolina


The Highland Brewing Co.
12 Old Charlotte Hwy
Suite H
Asheville, NC 28803

(Please note that this is not the proper homebrew delivery address, which is given below.  Judging is not open to the public.  Only registered  judges, stewards, and staff will be admitted to the judging area.)

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Brew Off:

MALTís Blue Ridge Brew Off has proven to be one of the most fun and largest competitions in the region. For the last three years we averaged nearly 500 entries per year.  We are honored to be a qualifying event for the prestigious North American Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB).  The BRBO is a qualifying event for the Carolina (CBoY) regional honors: brewer of the year, master brewer of the year, club of the year, and mead maker of the year. An award will be given in memory of,  one of our esteemed members, Dr. George Fix for the highest scoring entry from a homebrewer who has been brewing for one year or less. The Blue Ridge Brew Off is sanctioned by the BJCP.  We will have both beer and mead/cider Best of Show judging.  The Blue Ridge Brew Off will use the 2008 BJCP style guidelines, BJCP Style Guidelines 2008 .  Entrants are limited to one entry per sub category.  MALT reserves the right to combine style categories for judging and awards.  All of the subcategories of each category will be judged only with other subcategories of the same category.  Categories will not be split among flights.

Quality judging is the primary goal of the Blue Ridge Brew Off.  We make every effort to ensure that each entrant receives the best possible feedback for their entries. We need volunteers to step forward to judge and steward to make this happen.  September is a great time to visit Asheville!  Upon request we'll try to house as many out-of-town guests as possible.  Breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be provided by MALT.  Judges and stewards should use the same convenient on-line system as the entrants.  No paper work is necessary.  When your on-line information is received, you'll be contacted by the appropriate coordinator.  Judges and stewards may contact an individual member of our production team listed at the bottom of this page to discuss particulars.  All entries and payment in full via PayPal must be received by the date shown below.  This deadline applies to every entrant, without exceptions.  Late deliveries will not be returned.  This procedure will allow MALT to conclude the competition in one day and better assure quality control.

Special note for all entrants: Overall 3 bottles are required as noted on the registration page.  However entrants who are primarily interested in the judge's feedback need only submit 2 bottles for all categories.   Entrants who are primarily competing for awards/honors should submit 3 bottles for all categories especially those which are expected to require a mini Best Of Show.    Our best guess for mini BOS flights is given in the table below.  If in doubt, submit 3.  Only one entry per BJCP sub style.

Special note for Judges/Stewards: We need to know if you can serve on Saturday a.m., Saturday p.m., and perhaps Thursday evening.  You will be contacted by the appropriate team member to collect this information.

Who can enter:

The Blue Ridge Brew Off is open to all homebrewers 21 years of age or older.  Enter early and enter often. (Your entries will be assigned a competition-internal registration number based on random selection independent of time of entry.)   Beers must be brewed at home. Beer brewed in a commercial brewery or a brew-on-premises facility (BOP) is not allowed.  However fresh malt extract from a brewery is acceptable as long as the boiling and fermentation, etc. are conducted off-premises by the homebrewer who enters the brew in the competition or on-premises using the homebrewers equipment. 

Brewer Grouping:

If multiple brewers produced any of the brews to be entered, a separate registration must be made for each unique set of brewers.  Each registration must include a unique Email address.  For example if you have entries which you brewed by yourself and entries which you brewed with a friend, two registrations are required.  A separate field is provided to identify multiple brewers with a team name.  The Brewer's Team Name field is limited to 35 characters maximum (about 6 words).  For multiple brewers, Awards will be made to the named team, not the point of contact or the members of the team.  Similarly award data for subsequent points computation for honors such as brewer-of-the-year will be credited only to the named team or the individual brewer as registered prior to the judging.  Accordingly, completing the Brewer's Team Name field is mandatory if there was more than one person who participated in producing the brew.  For the single brewer case, the Brewer's Team Name field must be left blank.  MCAB competitors can and should use the First Name, Last Name and Team Name fields to best describe their teaming arrangement.  See MCAB Qualifying Brewers for examples.                                        

How much does it cost:

$6 per entry for all entries.
There is no limit on the number of entries.

Special Note On Awards:

MALT will donate all of the net competition proceeds to the tax-exempt 501c3 chartable corporation Helpmate Inc.  Helpmate provides aid at no cost to victims of domestic violence.  By providing safety, shelter, counseling, and advocacy, they empower each client to create a life that is free of violence.  For this reason, prizes will be limited to Beer BOS and Mead/Cider BOS winners.  Our customary ribbons will be awarded to all 3 flight winners and BOS winners. The Dr Fix winner will receive a special award.

Important dates:

8/1/13 Opening day for on-line registration.  Also the first day for receiving entries at the shipping address.
9/4/13 Closing day for on-line registration (5:00 pm).  Also the last day for receiving entries at the shipping address and completing the payment transaction.
9/14/13 The BRBO competition.  The competition concludes with an awards ceremony and hand-out of scoresheets.
9/15/13 Results will be posted here: Results Page .  Email sent to each entrant with scoring data.
9/16/13 Remaining scoresheets mailed to entrants.
9/19/13 The competition organizer report filed with BJCP.  Remaining ribbons mailed to entrants.

What kind of bottles are eligible:

Twelve ounce brown longnecks with plain silver or gold caps are required. The bottles must have no raised markings or labels except the rubber-band-attached competition label. Grolsch-type swing tops, or growlers are not acceptable. We will be unable to return bottles or shipping materials.

How many bottles are required/recommended:

BJCP category

Number of bottles required/recommended Expected mini BOS flight (based on data from the past 2 years)
3, 4, 5, 7, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24 thru 28 2 No
All other categories 3 Yes

How do I enter:

1. Prepare 2 or 3 bottles of each of your beers, meads or ciders in the quantity indicated above.
2. Complete the on-line entry form and print and cut-out the 2 or 3 bottle labels per entry.  Repeat the printing to get the third label as needed.
3. Attach a bottle label to each bottle with a rubber band. Do not use glue or tape.  It is advisable to enclose each label in a plastic (sandwich) bag to avoid smearing in the event of broken bottles during transit.  If the entries are to be picked up by MALT, plastic bags for the labels must be used.  MALT pickup information is to be announced at a later time.
4. Make payment via PayPal to MALTasheville@Gmail. for the total of your entries. Checks and currency will be accepted.  The entry fee is given above. (Go to PayPal , Select "Personal" Select "Send Payment" Put in the amount, MALT's email address MALTasheville@Gmail.. and yours. Select continue and follow the remaining directions.)  Check with FedEx or other private carrier if you prefer to ship.  Also see MikeDixon for JudgeNet posting on shipping advice.  Please note that MALT is planning to provide pickup service at points no too far from Asheville depending on volunteer availability.  This service will be coordinated with the affected homebrew clubs.
5. We will ensure that entries are well cared for once they reach the destination.  They will be transferred to a cool dark location as soon as possible.
6. All registration must be done on-line: On-Line Registration

Shipping address: 
    The Highland Brewing Co.
    Attn: BRBO
    12 Old Charlotte Hwy
    Suite H
    Asheville, NC 28803

Entry and check drop-off addresses

    The Highland Brewing Co.
    12 Old Charlotte Hwy
    Suite H
    Asheville, NC 28803
    Monday Ė Thursday 8am to 5pm.  Friday 8am to 8pm. 


Production Team:        
  Organizer Mark Stoffan  
  Assistant Organizer Pam Alexander

  Judge Coordinator Adam Reinke  
  Head Steward

Gary Glancy  
  Cellar Master      
  Patron Coordinator Mark Hebbard  
  Assistant Registrar      
  Raffle Coordinator  Kim & Chris Latta  
  IT Specialist Owen Halpeny & Bruce Jones  
  Treasurer Owen Halpeny  
  Culinary Coordinator  Missy Reinke