MALTmail Frequently Asked Questions!

1) What is MALT?
2) What is [Maltmail] Yahoogroup?
3) How do I subscribe/unsubscribe?
4) What are the rules?
5) Additional features
6) I have a suggestion/question not covered here
7) Last words


Topics with Answers:

MALT stands for “Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters” which is a homebrewing club located in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

[MALTMAIL] Yahoogroup is an electronic discussion forum for members of MALT and invited guests. The club uses it as a means to communicate club events.  The members use it as a way to communicate with each other about beer and homebrewing related issues. If you are interested in discussion of homebrewing and club/regional events, we are happy to have you. Postings of events for other NC homebrew clubs are welcome and encouraged.

To use [MALTMAIL] in it’s most simple form you first subscribe. Once you are subscribed you can send Email to “” and it is then sent out to all subscribers. These messages are commonly called “posts”. Each “post” comes to you as a separate Email message. The average number of “posts” per day varies depending on the topic(s) at hand, but usually runs 0-5.

[MALTMAIL] is hosted by at no cost. In trade for this service, Yahoo adds a 1-2 line ad at the end of each post. The subscriber list for [MALTMAIL] is available only to the [MALTMAIL] administrator and is never shared or sold.

To subscribe, send email to
To unsubscribe, send email to
Your request will go to the [maltmail] administrator for approval. Don’t be
offended if you get a message back saying “We’d love to have you, but first I’d like to know who you are”. This is to prevent spammers, etc. from signing up just to send out junk posts.

Once the [maltmail] administrator approves your request, you’ll get a message back with instructions on the final step (you reply to that message and you are subscribed).

You can contact the [maltmail] Administrator (currently David Keller) at“.

1. [maltmail] is for discussion of beer. Feel free to discuss homebrewing and commercial beer topics. Virus warnings, cookie recipes, and other non
beer-related topics are not appropriate and will not be tolerated. While beer is an adult topic, please don’t use bad or off-color language. We want
everyone to feel comfortable reading and posting. Good taste and/or wit are
always appreciated and admired when they are recognized.

2. If you are replying to another post: Instead of quoting the entire previous post, edit out all but the applicable text. Also be aware that “reply” goes back to the entire group, not just to the original sender.

3. If you find an online article or website that you’d like to share, post a brief description and the URL to the original. Don’t copy/paste the entire article into a [maltmail] post. This will allow those interested to follow the link without forcing those not interested to download it.

4. Keep in mind that email/posts may not always read as you intended them.
Before sending your post, reread your message carefully to ensure that it is clear and not offensive. It’s OK to disagree with someone, but argue
intelligently and don’t flame. Before getting offended, search for an innocent misunderstanding.

5. Set your Email program to send messages in “Plain Text” format and not

6. Don’t send file attachments to [maltmail] – they will be automatically deleted. This is because file attachments are a prime way that computer viruses are spread.


By registering with the [maltmail] sponsor, Yahoogroups, you can take advantage of additional features. These features include access to an archive of all [maltmail] posts, the ability to change your subscription configuration (individual emails, digest, read on web only), an area for up/download of files, and other fun stuff. To register visit ““. You will be required to give some information including an email address. Use the same address from which you are subscribed to [maltmail]. Once you establish and sign into your Yahoogroups account, under a “my groups” link you should find [maltmail].

One of the better reasons to register at Yahoogroups is that it will allow you to read [maltmail] messages and post to the list from anywhere you have access to a web browser. This can be helpful when you are away from home or behind a firewall that filters email.


Contact the [maltmail] administrator (currently David Keller) at“.


Relax, Don’t Worry, Have A Homebrew….. and thanks to TRUB for allowing us to plagiarize this announcement so blatantly.