Big Beer Bash

All MALT members are invited to celebrate both a long-standing MALT tradition as well as the accomplishments of the “Pop the Cap” movement that made possible what we enjoy today.

For the 70 years prior to 2005, North Carolina had imposed a 6% ABV restriction on beer sold and brewed within the state. As a result, some of MALT’s founding members would hoard a stockpile of high gravity beers to bring out during the coldest months of the year and share with their fellow MALTsters. Fortunately, on August 13, 2005, Governor Mike Easley signed House Bill 392 into law, lifting the ABV cap from 6% to 15%. Despite this increase, MALT has carried on the tradition by means of what is now known as the “Big Beer Bash.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite high-gravity “big” homebrew and/or commercial beer to share. With the cold temperatures, just about any big beer style should be fitting for this time of year. All are further reminded to break out the good stuff for this SPECIAL OCCASION. Big, bold, brash, and audacious are all adjectives that should come to mind when selecting a beer to bring to this event. Avoid bringing any wimpy, light, watery swill lest you be banished to the pit of misery.

This event is a potluck. Please bring a tasty food pairing/dish of choice to share. Watch MALTMail for further details and location information.

For those who are not members in good standing of MALT and wish to participate in excellent events such as this, please visit our “Membership” page to learn how to become a member.