Cider Convergence 2018

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Saturday March 3rd
Noble Cider tasting room

Cider Convergence 2018 juice reservation form.

On March 3rd, 2018, Noble Cider and Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters (MALT) will be presenting the Cider Convergence 2018. From 10 am to 3 pm, a day of education and cider tasting, culminating in the opportunity to purchase local apple juice to ferment for your own cider, at the Noble Cider tasting room.

Noble Cider Co-Founder and General Manager Trevor Baker will start the day with a talk on cider history, cider making theory and apple selection for cider making. A tasting of a variety of commercially produced ciders from around the world will follow and everyone is encouraged to bring examples of cider that they have brewed to share as well. Following will be a discussion about apple tree grafting and factors to consider when planting your own orchard.

Local apples pressed into juice will be available for $4 a gallon and can be reserved on the MALT website. Members will need to bring their own clean, sanitized vessels for transportation. A variety of yeasts, nutrients and campden tablets will be available to purchase during the event.

As this is a mid day event, MALT members are encouraged to bring a snack or food to share. The Noble Cider tasting room is closed during the time of this private event and you must be a MALT member to attend. The Noble Cider tasting room is located at 356 New Leicester Hwy in West Asheville, North Carolina.